Manage STAR Evolution lightning rod

Check the status of your lightning protection installation, without any external intervention. 

With its dedicated remote control, you can query the health of your STAR® Evolution Air Terminal – Early sStreamer Emission at any time.

Once synchronized, you will receive the “health” information of your STAR, as well as the history of the lightning impacts.

The STAR Evolution Testing remote will automatically perform a self-test operation.

This concept makes it possible to ensure at a lower cost that the protection is always operational.

Thus, you will access the intelligent management of your lightning protection, which can be integrated into the periodic verification procedure of your installation.

The remote control will give you access to essential safety devices, such as :

  • Product recognition,
  • Verification of operation after lightning strike,
  • Dating and history of the impacts of lightning,
  • Electrical continuity test.
Manage STAR Evolution lightning rod
Manage STAR Evolution lightning rod