STAR® Air Terminal – Early Streamer Emission Calalog
Datasheet STAR 210
Datasheet STAR 325
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“We are proud to manufacture our own range of lightning rods”

The Advance to Streamer contained by the CDT, allows STAR® Starter Air Terminal (ESE) to handle the lightning process, and ensure effective protection of the area.

Description of the protection process

  • The CDT detects the rise in potential of the ambient electric field,
  • Protective principle initiation process, preceded atmospheric discharge,
  • Activation of the detection of the descending lightning tracer,
  • Creation of the potential difference between the main body of the STAR and its upper fins,
  • Loading the upper fins of the STAR lightning rod,
  • Control of the ascending tracer released by the STAR, and evacuation in ground.

Paratonnerre STAR660Paratonnerre STAR645

Paratonnerre STAR325Paratonnerre STAR210

  • Electrical continuity of STAR lightning rod fins, up to the ground,
  • Natural dosing of advances to boot, for optimal precision,
  • Optimum reaction, with a margin of safety in stormy period,
  • Operation proven in extreme climatic conditions,
  • Low carbon footprint – less than 3500 grams CO2 / unit,
  • Reinforced CDT, with rising sensor acceleration,
  • 5 years warranty, parts and labor,
  • Customized reinforced Packaging,
  • Free technical support.
Air Terminal ESE STAR Manufacturing

Strengths :

4 powers of efficiency :

Standards validation :

  • NF C 17-102 years 1995 – 2009 & 2011,

  • EN 50164-1.

Testing and validation of the STAR lightning rod successfully!

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