Range STAR® Evolution.

STAR Evolution Air Terminal (ESE) Testing remote.

Strenghts :

4 powers of efficiency :

Standards validation :

  • NF C 17-102 years 1995 – 2009 & 2011,
  • EN 50164-1.

Operation of the STAR® Evolution Air Terminal (ESE) :

  • The efficiency of the lightning rod STAR Evolution is the same as the air terminal STAR,
  • It is testable remotely.

Learn more about how the STAR air terminal – Early Streamer Emission.

  • The Air terminal STAR Evolution is completely autonomous with its Photovoltaic Power,
  • It is very easy to interrogate and record the history of actions,
  • In parallel, a health check-up is carried out, to make sure that your STAR Evolution continues to protect you,
  • It is insensitive to the electrical emissions of other equipment.

Advantages of STAR® Evolution system:

  • Air terminal (ESE) Testing remote, with photovoltaic power supply,
  • Full autonomy, no external power source,
  • Check operation after lightning impact,
  • Date marking and history of lightning strikes,
  • Electrical continuity test,
  • Remote control test,
  • Product recognition,
  • 5 years warranty, parts and labor,
  • Customized reinforced Packaging,
  • Free technical support,
  • Operation proven in extreme climatic conditions,Pa
  • Low carbon footprint – less than 3500 grams CO2 / unit
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